Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Concerning Woody Allen

Disclaimer up front: I am an enormous Woody Allen fan. If you would like a quick and easy reason to discount my opinion on this subject, there it is. I don't want Woody to be a pedophile.

Also, I don't believe he is one. This verdict deals more with my gut than any objective evidence. After all, how could I know what went down in his personal life? We have two markedly different opinions on the issue available to us--that of the accuser and the accusee--and based on that alone there is no penetrating the issue. Siding with one person over the other based on the evidence available is a matter of instinct, which is hardly scientific. I have read all of the articles that have come out on the issue recently and have to go with my gut: I don't believe the accusations. Other people's guts tell them different things, and that is fine. We just have to remember what we are using internal organs to make our decisions on this issue. I don't know why the gut and heart are given more credence than, say, the spleen, but they are. I have yet to consult my spleen on the possible sins of Woody Allen. Maybe my spleen thinks differently. Maybe I'll need my rectum to break a tie...

I don't like to hold opinions regarding the personal worth of people I don't know. I was someone who suspended judgement on Michael Jackson. I defended Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, and Alec Baldwin when their names were mud--all because I didn't have enough inside evidence, and the only thing I had to judge them by was the feeling I got about looking at them through the very, very distorted medium of the media.

Woody Allen is a great writer and director. His films are some of the greatest and most moral pieces of art to come out in this century. On the other hand, we have someone accusing him of some terrible stuff. I can't defend him regarding that terrible stuff, because I don't know what happened. I can tell you what my gut says, but as we have established, that's just a hunch.

I don't feel I'm giving Woody a pass because he's white, or because he's an artist. I am withholding judgement because he is a human being, and I have so very little to go with.

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