Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The American Dream

This morning I was able to tell my seven year old son (the biggest Obama supporter out there) that his guy won. A big smile broke out on his face, and we hugged.

It was a great election contest, between two decent men. Watching the reactions of voters who felt newly enfranchised last night on T.V., I couldn't help but cry tears of joy for them, and for us all. I am hopeful for the country that my children will inherit.

Here's to that future.


Lodo Grdzak said...

Two decent men for sure. McCain;s speech was as gracious as Obama's was uplifting. You know, it used to be back in the olden days that whoever won the election became President and whoever lost became Vice President. I'd be comfortable with that. Real comfortable. But hey--today's Obama's day!!!

Spencer Troxell said...

I agree with everything you said. McCain's speech was very classy, and had he run as himself (and run against a different democrat) I would've probably voted for him: I almost voted for him this time.

But in the end, I think Obama is the best thing for our country at this time, and the American people made a good choice.