Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Medicine Cabinet Recommends

Speed Read, by Chris Major: Good concrete poetry. Also see here.

Mark Daniels goes deep on Album cover parodies, self deprectation, & the Beatles.

GODSPAM: A cool blog I will be keeping up with.

Roger Ebert finally gets around to reviewing Ben Stein: Expelled.

Conflict: It's A Good Thing, By Christine Carter: I'll take all the advice I can get.

Rachel Naomi Reven on loss & listening generously: Wonderful. Listen here.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds perform Abbatoir Blues:

Have a great weekend!


Lodo Grdzak said...

Well, now I know what an abbatoir is.

powermadrecluse said...

I really enjoyed the read about Ben Stein. Sorry, I have not seen the film. I assume, like Ebert's rebuttal, it is probably an either/or type thing. Yes, life is filled with either/or decisions.

However, I have always felt that the evolution/intelligent design debate was nothing more than ego stroking. Both sides are entering into a philosophical debate, not a scientific one. You are trying to prove a creator by the scientific method, that is impossible. It is like trying to determine who designed an hammer by just looking at a bunch of hammers...only worse. You may be able to figure out bits and pieces (Is he right handed? Is he strong? What is the balance?), but will you ever know anything about the creator? Or put another way. If I were to quiz a prominent economist about quantum mechanics and then be livid when I didn't get the answers I wanted, would that make sense?

Atheists and Christians both play this foolish little game. They want definite answers about something that lies in a realm that is not bound to the rules of the world. Atheists believe that since they cannot imagine anything beyond that, then it must not exist per se. Christians believe they cannot know anything beyond that, but because they can contemplate that there might be something different, it must exist per se. So in reality, both have faith and I think it takes the big person to say, "you know the other side might just have a point." Both sides do have lots of people who do that, they just get drowned out by the celebrity fools of their camp. (Dawkins v. Haggart, who do you pick for there? Jeez, its enough to make me pick up Sufism.) I get angry with both sides, but usually the Christians a little more because they should know better. Humility, love, and a notion of more than one field of human learning; these are things Christianity really created and promoted, and now to see this latest generation sell them all short because they are trying to prove an untenable point.

Well, anyway, tempest in teapots. I believe in intelligent design in-so-far-as it means God was behind creation, it just makes more logical sense. Chicken and eggs, you know, which came first matter or thought? When someone can tell me that for sure...I'll know I've met a real loon.