Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nerdiest State In The Union

Something I can be proud of my home state for:

(from Pleated Jeans, Via Why Evolution Is True.)

So, how did your state rank?


Willie Y said...

Dumbest State. "We'er number one, we'er number one, we'er number one. We are so smrt,we are so smrt, we are so smrt." Doh!

Willie Y said...

The proof is I misspelled we're.

the elegant ape said...

Thats ridulous, Main is the hom off som of the britist people i hav nown!!
Lepage rocks!!!

Andrew David King said...

California certainly does have the lion's share of smog. Fortunately, most of it is resigned to hover over that other circle of hell Dante forgot to write about, colloquially referred to as "greater Los Angeles."

Funny how Utah has the highest rate of porn subscriptions. The Lord doth provide for his followers, I guess.

bigjay965 said...

My current state is the motorcycle death state. I think since ce Virginia is has the highest number of military service members, there could be a correlation between the two. When I was in the marines it seemed as though every month there was a motorcycle death. And yes, even in the winter. Those were the idiots who sank all their money into a motorcycle and drinking, rather than buying a reliable means of transportation, or it could be that the stretch of I-95 from Washington D.C. to Fredericksburg, VA is the most traveled stretch of highway in the nation. But who knows. I think I'd much rather be back in the nerdiest state in the union.