Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Cinderella Story. Outta Nowhere.

Every Fall I take my kids to Alms Park in Cincinnati to catch leaves as they fall from the trees. The story I used to tell them was that fairies would unhinge the leaves from the trees and ride them down to the ground; if we caught the leaves before they hit the ground, we might also catch a fairy.

Over the years the story part of it has kind of faded away, and we just catch leaves. In this video, we are waiting for the wind to pick up to blow some of them around. Suddenly a leaf comes loose, and an epic race against time and gravity occurs. Not for any real sports fan to miss!


Spencer Troxell said...

My thumb is blocking the camera during the key moment!

Did I blow it, or does it add to the gritty intensity?

Willie Y said...

Classic cinema verite, tumb and all.

Was there a fairy in your leaf?

Spencer Troxell said...

No, no fairy. I must have scared it away with all of my shouting.