Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Newt Gingrich Sums Up Ron Paul Concisely.

"Gingrich said Paul's "total record of systemic avoidance of reality" makes him unthinkable as a president."

Right on. I know Paul is a fetish candidate for certain segments of our population to whom 'passionate' is the default p.c. way to refer to their and their dear leader's nuttiness, but Ron Paul is a terrible candidate for president. If you have any interest in protecting America & Democracy on a global scale, or would like to prevent America from falling into a serfdom, you shouldn't vote for Ron Paul. He is that crazy customer at the coffee shop who comes in daily to talk deeply to you about the very narrow slice of history and philosophy he has internalized, reconnecting all thoughts to his very specific belief system, all the while spraying your sweater with bits of moist scone and flecks of cappuccino foam.

Ron Paul should be annoying and entertaining Starbucks baristas somewhere. He shouldn't be in charge of the nuclear weapons (not that he'd ever have the nerve to use them).


the elegant ape said...

I find Gingrich who served as a historian for Freddy Mack (doctoral dissertation was on Belgian colonial performance)as well as being the bulwark against the destruction of western civilization as well as cheating on his wives because he was just too darn patriotic judging any ones grasp of reality is at best laughable..

Willie Y said...

I could not be happier that all of these Republican canidates are being shown to be a "half bubble off plum" so to speak.