Monday, April 2, 2012

Allow Me To Rage Wildly For Just a Moment...

The things that people choose to comment on on Facebook can be both astounding and revealing. While scrolling through my friends' Facebook updates today, I saw that one of my friends had commented on a post one of their friends had created in reference to the above picture.

For the sake of the poster's anonymity, I'm going to call him Douche McAsshat, or DM for short.

His commentary on the photo:

"DM: Is this really how FLOTUS is suppose to dress??? What a complete and utter disgrace to our Country!"

And then, responding to someone who said she thought the first lady was beautiful:

"DM: you cannot be serious? You seriously think this is an "OK" look for the FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? If you are standing by that then this Country is more gone than even I thought. People have been so dumbed down and would believe even the worst of lies and then to accept this as just the status quo. Moochelle is not even a female but then again you think it's beautiful and don't even know the first thing about her. God help us all....."

The conversation degenerated further from there, with D.M. saying he 'would respect her a little bit if she would dress a bit more presidential rather than like a hoe on the street corner'.

I can't express how much I hate people like D.M., and all of the stupid, stupid words that fall out of their stupid faces. First of all, this is the issue that he decides to take to the people? The fashion sense of the first lady? D.M. is a shallow, small man, who doesn't posses an ounce of the class, grace, or intelligence that Michelle Obama has. His comments convey that. Secondly, Michelle Obama is an incredibly beautiful, accomplished, and impressive woman. I think she has magnificent style. Thirdly, and most importantly, D.M.'s comments reflect an ugly, reactionary belief system that requires women and people of color to 'remain in their place'. D.M. clearly has problems with strong women, and especially strong black women. His reaction is the fearful reaction of a man clinging desperately to a dying white supremacist, patriarchal social structure. Beneath the insults and outrage about decorum is the real motivator for his statements: Fear.

 Undoubtedly, Michelle Obama is too enlightened to respond to the kind of vile nonsense that D.M. traffics in. I am not, however.

I'm glad he's scared. Fuck him.


Willie Y said...

And she is being slammed for her Anti-Obesity Campaign from the far right. It's OK now to slam the Obamas, even their young daughters. With anti Obama talk from the right every day on TV and radio what do we expect.

This is what she gets for not knowing her place, I guess.

Lodo Grdzak said...

U.S. Presidents are getting younger and younger. The fat, dowdy old first lady of the past with 8 kids and 18 grandkids is (thankfully) over. When Obama leaves office (whether its this year or 2016) he'll still be less than 60 years old. And I think Michelle's younger than that. She's cool. Christ, they had Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Mick Jagger, Dereck Trucks, Narada Michael walden, BB King and Booker T perform the White House. Please. This ain't your grand-dad's Presidential family!

the elegant ape said...

late at night when all things are quite. I know in my heart that there is a significant portion of the US pop. that is galled to distraction that a black man and woman reside in the white house.....This makes me feel warm and squishy inside.....