Thursday, June 28, 2012

Enter Schopey

"And yet, just as our body would burst asunder if the pressure of the atmosphere were removed from it, so would the arrogance of men expand, if not to the point of bursting then to that of the most unbridled folly, indeed madness, if the pressure of want, toil, calamity and frustration were removed from their life. One can even say that we require at all times a certain quantity of care or sorrow or want, as a ship requires a ballast, in order to keep on a straight course." ~ Artie Schopenhauer
I've ignored Arthur Schopenhauer for a long time, and only within the past few weeks have realized what a mistake that was. His aphorisms provide me with great catharsis. He's one of two important writers (the other is H.P. Lovecraft) that I have to thank Michel Houellebecq for; I think the best artists turn you onto other artists, and Houellebecq is good at that.

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