Thursday, April 11, 2013

Recent Status Updates

4/10: Waking up in the morning is like getting renewed for another season. I hope i don't live long enough to jump the shark, on the other hand, i'd hate to get canceled during a cliffhanger. Whatever the case, i am looking forward to my episode with the harlem globetrotters.

4/9:  I miss being bored. When you're a kid, you're bored all the time because you haven't accumulated enough ideas and opinions to keep yourself entertained. You're in a state of accumulation as a kid. If you do things right, you should have enough shit in your head by the time you hit your mid-thirties to not need to listen to the radio on a 30 minute car ride. You should have seen, heard, experienced, and imagined enough stuff to occupy yourself for an indefinite amount of time. I think that's why I miss being bored, because some of the shit you collect in your head as you approach adulthood can pretty horrible.

4/9:  Life is weird.

4/8:  I also wanted to tell you this this morning: I usually like to wake up to the sound of burde chirping outside my window, but this morning there is some bird outside screaming his balls off. It's not exactly a crow sound, but it's pretty close.I'm like, find somewhere else to sing, bro.

4/8:  I've caught myself calling my sons 'bro' a bunch of times lately. I don't know where that is coming from, but I know I should probably stop it before it spreads.

4/7:  I owe all of my success in life to Satan.

4/6:  I am raising money for a Satanic competitor to the 'Upward' Christian-youth sports organisation. Obviously, it will be called 'Downward': Anybody want to donate?

4/6:  Some people who love me tell me I'm not fat, but the notches on my belt have never lied to me.
 Margaret Thatcher dies only a few days after Roger Ebert: coincidence, or is it Biggie and Tupac all over again?

4/6:  my little brother is applying for case management jobs. I am proud of him for going into such an honorable field, and jealous of the agency that will get to have him on their team.

4/5:  Open up all of the windows in your bedroom, strip down to your underwear, and take a nap on top of the covers with your feet at the head of your bed and your head at the foot of your bed. That's what weather like this is good for.

4/5:  Bummed out about rick warren's son. Public understanding of mental illness is so bad. We have to find better ways to help each other.

4/5:  I am 32 years old and I still feel like I barely know anything. I expected age to bring things like wisdom and understanding; not only do I have an increasing awareness of how little I actually do understand, my deficiencies are increasingly apparent. Life conspires to humble me.

4/5:  Unfortunate headline at The Drudge Report: "Bloomberg Fingers Cuomo".

4/4:  If you put your kid on a leash, i hate you.

4/4:  It's not the crazy people who are dangerous; it's the sane people. Crazy can explode, but sane is a slow, gray, persistent poison. It slays with mediocrity, and it takes a lifetime.

4/3:  It's hard to be cynical with a two year old around. Apropos of nothing, langston just said, 'i like rainbows. Do you like rainbows, dada?'. I said yes.

4/3:  Of all the horrible things mankind has spawned, bronies have to be the most unsettling.

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