Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Conservative Issues

I spend a lot of time advocating for Marxist and liberal (there is a difference!) policies. I thought it might be worthwhile to highlight the political stances I have that might be considered more conservative, at least in a modern American context.

So here we go.

1. Death Penalty: I love the death penalty. In fact, I think we should use it more often, for larger segments of the criminal population. Example: rapists, pedophiles, and money criminals. If I were king, there would be executions of sex criminals and crooked CEO's and wall street bankers.

2. 'Teach the Controversy' in school: I think creationism is bullshit, but I think it would be beneficial to go over the controversy (as long as there is one) in science class. No sense in sexing up information by denying it a place in the public square. In fact, I think there should be comparative religion classes and bible study in public schools too, although I don't think the outcome of such a thing would be what the religious might hope for.

3. Guns: Buy all the guns you want. I'm a civil libertarian across the board. In fact, buy a bazooka if you can afford it.

4. Gay Marriage: Wait, what!? Is this some kind of trick? No. I agree with the conservative argument that marriage is a fundamental building block of society. That's why I believe it should be available to straight and gay families alike. More marriages, more stability, more loving houses for kids to grow up in. Simple.

5. Drill, baby, drill: I support drilling the shit out of our natural resources. Get all the oil out of the country in as clean and safe a way as possible, and use it for the benefit of our nation. Make us solvent. Also, go nuclear. Why not? It's true I believe these natural resources should also be nationalized and used to pay for universal healthcare, universal education, and universal housing, but when conservatives talk about pipelines and drilling, I'm right on board with them.

So those are at least 5 of my conservative issues. My general thought is that if you find yourself 100% in agreement with any party platform, you're probably a mindless sheep. How many issues do you disagree with your particular social group on? 

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