Friday, January 31, 2014

As the Meat Turns

Been writing a lot of poems lately. Poetry comes from a feeling part of our meat, rather than an analytic part, generally speaking. I've been doing more feeling than analyzing lately, so that's what I've been putting on my blog. I hope you haven't minded too much.

I have been out of work for approaching two months now. Quit my job at the shelter after burning out, kind of jumping off the cliff with the intent of building my wings on the way down--to paraphrase Ray Bradbury--and it seems I have succeeded. I have a new job lined up to start in late February, so I will have almost another whole month before jumping back into the workforce.

Leaving my job was the right thing to do. Like I said I was burned out, and needed some time to get back in touch with myself. There was anxiety at first, kind of an 'oh shit, what's gonna happen now' type feeling, but once I lined up this other job it subsided. Now I am spending that much needed time with myself, reading (lots of Celine and William Burroughs), writing, and hanging out with my family. It's a shame that more people are not afforded a few month break every few years. It's a good opportunity to recharge, but is afforded--unfortunately--only to the super rich and the lucky. I am not super rich, but in this case, I guess I am lucky.

I decided to write this short piece as a sort of re-entry to regular blogging. I was going to jump right in with a political blog explaining why I think people on the left should support Matt Bevin in his bid to unseat Mitch McConnell as the republican candidate in Kentucky--Bevin is not an entrenched crony politician, and actually has some principled positions, however wrong--but still feel kind of apolitical. Kind of introspective.

This blog has been functioning regularly since 2008. I hope to keep it going. Going to try to switch gears from poetry to prose again, because it is not healthy to leave your meat in a state of pure emoting. Let yourself feel it while it is there, and then let it go. Like clouds passing in the sky.

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