Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not Feeling So Bloggy...

I haven't been feeling incredibly bloggy so far this month. Spring has arrived in my part of Ohio, and there are bees (honey bees!) buzzing around all of the freshly bloomed flowers in my yard. It's hard to stay inside. As soon as the ground dries up a little more, it will be even harder. Spring is the time for riding bikes, playing soccer, cooking out, and getting allergy shots.

Spring and Summer is why we don't produce many notable epics in the midwest. They do that in former Soviet Sattelites, where it is too cold to fall through the ice. In the midwest--while we can be angsty from time to time--we're mostly good for blogs, sports articles, and limericks. The writing on the bathroom walls in midwestern universities--especially in the psych. departments--is exceptional.

I'm working on and off on a little piece about existential psychology, I've got a story or two on the back burner, and I may churn out a poem or bathroom-wall-etching every now and then, but for the most part this April (if you need me), I'll be in the yard.

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