Thursday, January 7, 2010

Everyone Has A Favorite Monster Movie

a fun discussion of classic monster movies has sprung up around an old essay of mine called Monster Movies With Grandpa over at The Daily Kos. Jump in, if that's your thing.

I hope this discussion causes a mysterious surge in people adding classic monster flicks to their netflix queue's today.

PS: It is also noteworthy that, of all the classic monster movies I put in my 'what's the best monster movie of all time' poll, 'The Blair Witch Project 3: The Sarah Palin Story' has by far outstripped the competition.


And, at the end of the day, although she enjoyed a hefty lead for a while there, Mrs. Palin has been unseated by Godzilla, who took the lead at final tally with 23% of the vote. Sarah and Nosferatu are tied for second with 22% each. It's a shame. Sarah Palin can't even win running as what she really is.

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