Friday, March 26, 2010

The Medicine Cabinet Recommends

A few items that caught my eye in March:

1. Statues of naked men have been popping up all over New York City. The artists need to visit Cincinnati. I just think it would do us good. Naked man on the 5th third building downtown. Naked man on the Roebling bridge. Naked man on Fountain square. Naked man in front of City Hall. How could anything bad come of that?

2. Here's an interesting chart documenting the different personal majadjustments of various muppets, via Andrew Sullivan. I think they're onto something here.

3. P.Z. Meyers tells us How To make A Snake. Science is cool.

4. If you’re on facebook, you should consider joining the following groups: buddy grey, and The Drop Inn Center. If you want to volunteer or donate, or do some other creative thing to support our quest to end homelessness, leave a message on the wall of either page. We're always looking for innovative ideas.

5.Coming off the passage of the healthcare bill, Daniel Shore has good advice for the president’s supporters & enemies alike: Don’t Short Obama. Much like it was bad news to portray George W. Bush as a dumb-ass aristocrat, it's also bad to stick too close to the Obama=Carter line (or, the Obama=Mao idea).

7. vegemite spaghetti: one of my recent hobbies is trying vegemite on everything. This is a good, cheap and easy recipe that I just learned. Viva la Vegemite!

8. Extremism Slumbers In The Body Of Faith. What do you think?

9.Something about Spring screams out for David Lee Roth era Van Halen. What a great band:

Have a great weekend, y'all!


Willie Y said...

Spencer,vegemite? What are you doing at home, throwing a little shrimp on the barbie. Is one of your kids pets a platypus?

Enjoyed all of your posts. I really liked Daniel Gross take on Obama. And the "How to make a snake". Do you think given enough time would Glen Beck evolve into a human being?

Spencer Troxell said...

Hey Willie: Absolutely vegemite. I don't know how I lived without it for so long. About a year ago I picked up a jar at Jungle Jim's and now I love it. It's healthy, lasts a long time, tastes good, and can be used on many things. You and your little Shelia should jump on the bandwagon!

Regarding the Daniel Gross thing, I think he was absolutely right. When it comes to P.Z.'s post about Glenn Beck, I don't think he'll ever evolve into a human. A giant walking dick with a big handlebar moustache is far more likely.

GbiZ said...

runnin' with the devil!