Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fantasy SCOTUS League

John Paul Stevens is leaving the Supreme Court. A profile of the person I think President Obama should nominate to fill the vacancy can be viewed here.

You know, I've never gotten into fantasy baseball, or basketball, or football, or anything like that, primarily because sports bore me. I could, however, imagine myself getting into an alternate reality game that allowed participants to compose their ideal supreme court, and try different cases in them. I guess the outcomes of each case would be based on speculations about how each judge would be likely to rule based upon the precedents they established in their careers up until the point of their fantasy nomination.

I realize that I've probably reached the ultimate edge of nerdiness with this post, but I can't help but believe there are other supreme court junkies out there who might enjoy the same kind of thing.

Aside from believing that my pick is a brilliant scholar and would no doubt be a great, moderate judge, I get a deep sense of satisfaction from knowing that the mere fact of his nomination would make Glenn Beck's head explode.

Are there any of my fellow SCOTUS nerds out there that would like to submit their ideal picks?

Does anybody else out there think that SCOTUS is a very dirty and inappropriate sounding acronym?

"He kicked me in the SCOTUS!"

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crackers said...

that is so dorky. but very cool cause you're into it.