Friday, September 3, 2010

From the 'Songs That Helped Me Feel Like a Human Being When I Was a Teenager' Files:


Steppenwolf said...

A great number Spencer. I remember this song. I'm just reflecting that you would have been a teenager as I was becoming a middle age-r. Actually I hate you Spencer. Keep your daft songs!

Spencer Troxell said...

To be exact, I was eleven years old when this song came out. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't realize it existed until I was about sixteen.

Steppenwolf said...

That's just salt in my wounds Spencer.

Willie Y said...

I just recently got into BnL. And when this song came out I could have been your grandfather Spencer.

Basil Marceaux lives!

Spencer Troxell said...

They're a good band, Grandpa Willie. Too easily dismissed too, I think. They have a great cover of Bruce Cockburn's 'Lovers In A Dangerous Time'.

Steppenwolf: Of course we all meet the same end. I know that as I approach my thirties--and my kids get older--time is certainly making me pay my dues, and quick; my hair is going white at the temples, my knee complains offensively when I stand up from a crouching position, and I have to be much more mindful of my diet. It's all worth the trade though, if you ask me. As I get older my mind gets clearer, and I'm finding a calm inside of me that I've never had before. I feel much more useful. I look forward to getting older; I just hope the puppy in me doesn't rage too much or tear up too much furniture on my way from point A to point B.

the elegant ape said...

Manfred Mann's Earth Band Blinded By the Light.
"Cause With a boulder on my shoulder, feelin' kinda older,
I tripped the merry-go-round"
But then who didn't