Thursday, January 20, 2011


It just occurred to me that I haven't blogged about the newest arrival to our family yet.

Langston James Troxell, born December 20th:

(Langston, throwing a militant baby fist into the air)

So far, he's a pretty laid back baby. We've taken to calling him 'The Dude', because he only cries when he's hungry, or when he wants to be held, and then not very intensely.

Jack, our middle son, is very loving towards Langston, and spends a lot of time doting on him. Jack is a natural caretaker, and will be a very good big brother. He sings to Langston, throws away diapers for us, and spends a lot of time just looking at him, and laughing at the little baby faces he makes.

Spencer likes Langston too, although he is not as persistently interested in him as Jack is. He will hold Langston from time to time, and even walk around with him, but is mostly business-as-usual. He's a cerebral guy, and usually has his own thing going on. He's nine years older than Langston, and I expect him to be a good resource for Jack and Langston both when they (inevitably) find themselves not in the mood to talk to Abby or I about any of life's inevitable problems. Also, what better way to stay plugged into the zeitgeist than through a cool older brother?

Abby and I are very happy, and feel like our family is complete. For now...It has occurred to me that we're pretty good parents, and that family life is something that we both enjoy. So, I'm not opposed to swelling the brood a little bit more, at some future date.

Stay tuned.


Willie Y said...

Welcome aboard Langston. Congrats Troxell's.

Lodo Grdzak said...

Little Langston on the scene!!!

the elegant ape said...

The dude abides.....

Spencer Troxell said...

Thanks guys.