Thursday, January 27, 2011

You've Got to Keep It Sexy

My number 2 most popular post of all time, according to blogger's stats function, is the following image of my receding hairline:

Apparently, a lot of insecure guys google the term 'receding hairline', and end up at my page. I sympathize with this impulse (as you can see from the above photo).  In the name of earning this post even more hits than the last one featuring my funky recess, here are a few more terms that insecure guys will flock to: penis size. back hair. love handles. Mariah Carey.

You know; whatever keeps'em coming back.

And just for the record: my first most popular post was a response I made to an itchy conservative dogmatist who challenged my claim that there was an underlying racial component to the tea party movement. Not only did I provide ample evidence in my rebuttal to him, I also provided one of his colleagues (or possibly him, using a pseudonym), one of the more unequivocal intellectual ass-kickings that I've had the pleasure of handing out since I've been a blogger. In order to encourage more google hits from folks like Bill Stevens, I offer the following searchable terms: Ronald Reagan in a wet t-shirt, gun porn, and, you're not racist if you went to high school with a black guy, right?

my third most popular post thus far has been a fairly recent one: 'How Atheism Led Me to Social Work'.

What do I learn from all of this, other than the fact that guys are worried about their hairlines, Saul Alinsky was right about the humorlessness of ideologues, and that atheism and social work are not two topics you typically find being addressed at the same time?

It's difficult to say, but I might sum it up this way: you've got to keep it sexy.


Willie Y said...

Compared to my dome you are literally ape like Spencer.

Spencer Troxell said...

we are the bald and virile types, Willie.

Lodo Grdzak said...

Oh shit its the truth Spence. All my top posts are the one's where I feature pictures of pornstars or hot chicks. I should really include one in every post. But hey, I'm no sell-out!

the elegant ape said...

tea party, pattern baldness.
hmmm? which is more relevant to the social and economic fabric of our society?
have to go with baldness.
wear it w/t pride brother troxell....