Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seth Meyers Effortlessly Skewers Donald Trump

at the white house correspondents dinner. Very good:

The material was great, and the way Trump stared at Meyers icily through the whole bit was awesome.

Trump is such a silly person; He typifies the paranoia, the cartoonish nationalist chest-thumping, the fearfulness of out-groups, and the naive objectivism of the tea party movement. He's physically grotesque. His mind is weak and vulgar. In short, he would be the perfect presidential candidate for the modern day republican party.

Look at the smile on President Obama's face in this clip. He already knows all of this stuff. If I were him, I would be smiling too.


the elegant ape said...

A good night for the president. Just being in the same room as that buffon highlights what a step above he is compared to these Monosyllabic right wing goons....

Spencer Troxell said...

Someone accused me of not confronting Trump 'on the issues' in this post. To me, doing this would be akin to not challenging Yosemite Sam 'on the issues'. What issue of his am I going to dissect? His position on 'gettin' that dad-blasted rabbit?'.

Donald Trump isn't someone who deserves to be engaged 'on the issues'. The only debate panel I ever want to see him on would feature Fozzie bear, Animal, and Gonzo, and would be moderated by Kermit the frog.

Some people only deserve ridicule. Donald Trump is one of them.

Anonymous said...

please don't think that worthless waste of human flesh represenst the "everyman" on the right side. i'm right winged and i support what most of the tea party stands for, but i would rather vote demecrat than have him represent me. Me and by bro_in_law (yes spencer this is jeff) have spared on many ocations and rarely see eye to eye. however i will gladly agree with ape that this man is a bafoon and does not represent me in any way, shape, or form. even though he is calling me a goon. i'm moving to cuba if this guy ever get elected. we would be better off there.

Spencer Troxell said...

Thanks for commenting, Jeff. I would never expect you to feel that this carnival barker (to use the president's term) represented you or any serious conservative I know.

If he becomes president, I'll head to cuba with you. I hear it's a great place to go fishing.