Thursday, February 2, 2012

'My Family Thinks I'm Going To Hell'

The Thinking Atheist gets into one of the tougher aspects of being an atheist in a religious family:

This is a real issue for those of us with religious folk in our lives. How do you reassure your believing friends that you're not going to burn, burn, burn for all of eternity once the final curtain drops? Personally, the anxiety that my well-intentioned family & friends suffer at the thought of me going to hell troubles me. I would like to be able to ease this anxiety, but the odds of disabusing anyone of their religious beliefs is usually pretty low. It would seem disingenuous to try to convert them to more of a 'love wins' view of the afterlife, especially since it's not a view that I hold (you know, democrats are full of shit, but I think they'd be a great fit for you!).

I don't have the answer to the question, but I understand the problem.


the elegant ape said...

first get them to agree to the parameters...why are you going? is there any specifics? did you break a commandmant? Is there a talking snake involved? if you build a ark will all be forgiven? If the earth was flooded where did all the water go? If santa claus is a obvious fraud because no man can visit 6 billion people in one night and drop presents down chimneys why is someone who can hear six billion people muttering in their collars not?
More questions than answers....

Willie Y said...

Hell is always warm.
No bulky cloths.
You can urinate where ever you want.
Surprisingly entertaining “Hitler and Kathie Lee Show
Free garden tools....pitchfork.