Friday, March 8, 2013

Recent Status Updates

3/8: Marcus Aurelius said we should view each night when we go to sleep as a little death, and each morning when we wake up as a little birth. I agree; I am awake, and this morning I will not be circumcised.

 3/7: I figure it must be time to do something about my neck hair when I catch myself tucking it into the collar of my shirt.

3/6: Sometimes getting stuck in traffic is a blessing: anything to make us slow down for a moment.

3/2:  I can't believe I waited as long as I did to read The Sandman comics. They're so good!

2/28: Today I am equally thankful to my friends and my enemies; in your different ways, you have all made me stronger.

2/27:  I just got this text message from my wife: "Jack told me this morning that when he has a kid he's giving one to Spencer because he doesn't have any sperm left because he keeps kicking him in the balls." Lol. Kids.
2/25: Walk around Clifton on Sunday with a backpack on, people assume you're a student. Walk around OTR Sunday with a backpack on, get offered a bologna sandwich.

2/24: Langston just brought me a stack of paper plates that he had drawn on and said 'Let's play hats'. Then we took turns putting each plate on our heads.

2/14: At Bogarts, hiding my erection with a bunch of other hipsters who are pretending not to be too excited to see Marc Maron.

2/14: Woody Allen movies always lift my spirits. I think it's because he's just as confused as I am. Commiseration is therapeutic.

2/13: I've decided to one up Mike Moroski: Not only am I for homosexual marriage, I'm also against heterosexual marriage.

2/12: It makes me gag whenever a caller to a talk radio show announces their military status with the clear expectation of being stroked by the host.

2/12: It is an absolute scandal in my house when there is one fewer icing packet in the box than there are toaster strudels. The fear creeps in: is one of my children a capitalist?

2/10: Idea for a cyberpunk horror story: hackers break into Facebook and erase all of the likes and shares on everybody's posts. One rugged investigator must find a way to restore them before the majority of the population commits mass suicide from validation depletion.

2/9: Overhearing the conversation of a bunch of drunk middle-aged men at dinner tonight made me grateful for my sobriety.

2/9: When I think of the sheer number of books I want to read, my head nearly explodes. It will take the rest of my life to even get close. Not only that, as soon as I start reading one book, I start lusting after the next. I am an unfaithful bibliophile, and my eye is ever wandering.

2/8: Local taco joint is advertising for their tax service. Sounds legit.

2/8: Good names for a store that sells tie-dye shirts: 'we're all gonna dye', 'dye, dye, dye my darling', 'dye with me'. A non-profit that inspires troubled kids through group tie-dye projects:'only the good dye young'. I feel like you get the joke.

2/7: The religious mind cheapens poetry by insisting that it also be literally true; the mountains do not actually hear your cries. Your heart does not tell you who to love. The Sand Man doesn't seduce you to sleep, there are no Gods in heaven, and there is no heaven. Poetry is beautiful because it points to things we cannot describe. It allows us to characterize that which cannot be adequately characterized by plain language. Poetry points to something higher (or lower) without being that higher or lower thing. The lord is truly with us, but that is because the lord is something we have invented.

2/2: At home with Abby for 2 days in a row. It often seems like we're night and day managers of our family, only passing each other on the way to our other jobs. Every full day i get with her feels like a holiday.

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