Sunday, May 19, 2013

Doubt and Faith: Halves of the Same Wheel

True beliefs express themselves in action alone. Transitory beliefs express themselves in debate, argument, cognitive dissonance, and faith. Thus, most of our beliefs are subject to change.

We don't debate gravity. Gravity is a true belief. We do debate politics and religion, because--as much as we may hate it--we have doubts about these things.

Doubt and faith must always accompany one another. Faith is the working through of a desired belief. We must practice faith in respect to transitory beliefs that we wish to transform into true beliefs.

Doubt is not something to be eschewed; where there is doubt there is faith, and faith is the animating force of our intellectual and spiritual life. As Schopenhauer noted, we only notice where the shoe pinches; doubt is a bastard of a pinch. Doubt makes us vital, and provides sustenance to our faith.

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