Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reviews I Wish I Had Gotten For My Book

“Jesus was the word made flesh: This book is the flesh made word. All you other writers can stop now. Spencer Troxell has won writing.” – The New Yorker

“We just finished reading our son’s book, and it turns out he was right about everything the whole time.”
–Spencer’s Parents

“After reading this book, we’re convinced that our daughter and grandchildren are in good hands. Also, it turns out Spencer was right about everything this whole time!” –Spencer’s Mother and Father-in-law

“Gahhh! It burns! No…not the razors! We never should have treated Spencer so badly! We were wrong! Oh no! Not the flesh eating worms! Gahh….” – Various Enemies, Naysayers, and Just Plain Jerks.

Get a copy of the book that these (and so many more!) imaginary reviewers are raving about here.

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