Thursday, February 5, 2009

Colds & Coughs

I’m just getting over a nasty little cold that knocked me out of the game for three solid days. Lots of coughing and dizziness, along with a few less savory side effects. But I got to do a little non-productive reading, as well as spend some time staring at the ceiling and watching cartoons on TV. What I like best about colds is the moment before the bad stuff really hits (when you are a little light-headed and euphoric), and the moment right after you realize that you are better, and it becomes clear how good better actually is. Another fun thing about being sick--if you are married--is being waited on by a patient, doting spouse. My wife brought me Gatorade, medicine, and soup (when I could take it). She kept the kids entertained and kept our vessel floating seamlessly while I recuperated. Mad props to the lady of the house.

When one part of the team is down, we are given the opportunity to repay them for the hard work they have put into making this family work. By making sure they are comfortable, seeing to it that they have something fun and meaningless to read (and never run out of 7 up), we can say we're glad you're part of the team.

There is perhaps a bigger opportunity for the person that is down, however. That is the opportunity to be grateful to have someone willing to look after them when they need it, no strings attached. In this culture of self sufficiency and self service--where everything is attainable for a price, and every lesson that is learned comes at the cost of some amount of blood on the floor--to find oneself truly grateful for a gift given purely out of love is a wonderful and unusual thing.

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Lodo Grdzak said...

Enjoy it Spence. And feel better!