Thursday, February 26, 2009

This Editing Life

An email I sent to Matt DiGangi regarding the first batch of poetry submissions I reviewed for The Jargon:


lol. It's fun to receive an email from a complete stranger that starts out very formal and complementary, and transforms as it goes into a diatribe about finger-fucking someone's knife wounds and tentacle rape. You must look forward to opening your email every day.

I sent rejection letters for most of these poems. The gist of all of the rejections was 'we're going to have to pass on these, but thanks for considering us'. I thought a couple people were promising, so I gave them some more specific encouragement.

Garrison Keillor says in his 'Good Poems' Anthology that some poems are ' condoms on the beach, evidence that someone was here once and had an experience, but not of great interest to the passerby.' So far, those are pretty much my thoughts exactly about this first bunch.

I can tell this experience is going to deepen my understanding of what makes a good poem. It will definitely be exciting when I finally come across that beach condom that makes me want to climb inside it.


mather said...

May I offer a suggestion: make a standard rejection response with several comments concering rejected work, such as: close, try again; not even close, don't waste our time; too personal, save it for the reunion; too derivative, etc. Abbey uses a similar type rejection letter and it's the best I've seen. Just put a couple x's in the boxes and that's it, send it on its way. But, it will save you time in the long run, I would think, with re-submitters.

mather said...

You're not allowing me to comment on your blog? That's just great! You've really put your foot down, this time! Nobody's gonna push you around, goll darnit!

Spencer Troxell said...


Regarding your first comment:Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take them under advisement.

Regarding your second comment: Too personal. Save it for the reunion.


Thanks for dropping by!

mather said...

You're welcome!

Matt DiGangi said...

Airport. Fun Dean Martin movie. Not as good as Airplane 2, or even The Taking of Pelham 123.

Thanks for helping with the poetry. I'll be interested to see how you feel about it going forward.