Monday, February 23, 2009

Relax, Joy.

Ann Coulter is usually very fun to watch on television, especially when she is being interviewed by sanctimonious liberals who know way less than she does. Coulter is funny, nimble, and relaxed in this interview: The clear victor.

There are too many liberals that are unable to laugh at their own idiosyncracies and ideological shortcomings. After years of being the butt of the joke in so much satire and political comedy, most conservatives have learned to appreciate humor that comes at their expense. Until a larger number of liberals in our country learn the same lesson, Ann Coulter will always have ripe material to mine, and I will continue to be entertained.

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."-Voltaire.


Lodo Grdzak said...

Once again, gonna have to agree to disagree with you on that one Spence. But enjoy (I guess).

Spencer Troxell said...

You don't think Joy Bahar could've done better in this interview? Her criticism of Coulter boiled down to 'tsk-tsk. We don't say things like that in polite society.' She sounded like the U.S. supreme court dressing down George Carlin in the 70's. Conservatives like Coulter totally get off on flipping that game around. Behar made Coulter seem edgy, which is probably not what she wanted to do.

I've seen people argue with Ann Coulter effectively. Al Franken did it, and expect Bill Maher to do a good job at it too when he does it. The reason Franken was successful, and the reason I think Maher will be successful, is that both men are fairly knowledgeable on current events and political history, and both seem to be able to separate a person's ideology from the humanity of the person they're talking to. Joy Behar didn't come off as knowledgeable, and she seemed absolutely mystified that Coulter was willing to confidently state the kind of opinions that would get her (Behar) kicked off the cocktail circuit. If liberals want to beat conservatives in arguments, they need to:

a)empathize with the argument and the humanity of their opponent.
b)have a sense of humor
c)know what they're talking about.

Those rules work the other way around too.

Lodo Grdzak said...

I couldn't upload (or is it download?) the video on my machine. Maher and Coulter have a little traveling road show going. They're perfect for each other--its all about me, me. me!!!! Both of 'em would switch sides in a minute if it meant more money, fame, or in Maher's case--more pussy. All these guys (and gals) that comment on politics are losers. Its a zero sum game and its the same inane arguments over and over again. That's why I blog about politics so infrequently. There's a difference between being clever and being smart. Or wise. Lay in shit and you smell like it--and Anne "Diet Slice Pussy" Coulter should know.

Spencer Troxell said...

Well Lodo, I don't know about all of that. I find Maher and Coulter both entertaining, although I think I probably agree more with Maher. To a certain extent I would agree that, yes, people who get into the entertainment business are probably at least a little self-centered, and that includes people who have blogs. So, I'm not casting any stones in that direction.

I've always loved talking politics. What a fun thing to do. And there is nuance to be found in political debate, and in political thought (just like any other kind of thought), so I guess I'm throwing my lot in with the losers; I've been doing it all of my life, so why break precedent now?

As always, thanks for dropping by.

Lodo Grdzak said...

You don't blog about politics very often. Rarely just straight politics anyway.

GbiZ said...

I was going to argue with you about this post, but after reading your exchange with Lodo I think I agree with you.

Anonymous said...


I'm a conservative christian who has been reading your blog now for a few months, and while I dont usually comment on blogs, I feel compelled to leave a comment on this post.

While your orientation as a liberal secularist is fairly obvious from your occassional forays into religious and politcal territory, I just wanted to tell you that as a Christian and as a Conservative Republican, I appreciate your ability to make posts like this one, and the one below about going to church, and again the one a few posts back about Rush Limbaugh. You seem to be a fair and honest person. I wish there were more voices like yours out there.

Your thoughtfullness and fairness has earned you a new regular customer. That's how the free market works.


Ken Patel.

Spencer Troxell said...

Lodo: No harm done.

GbiZ: It's good to hear from you again. I was beginning to fear I had lost you. When you only have one or two frequent commenters, you notice when somebody drops off.

Mr. Patel: You're really too nice to me, but thanks for the compliment. I hope to hear from you more in the future.

Oscar said...

They seem to always try to portray her as something on the level of the David Duke, Farakan, Al Sharpton or any number of bigots. It's really a shame they won't argue her point but the language she uses to portray her point. Her frankness is refreshing, and her intelligence is rare. I don't agree with everything she says, but I do enjoy the way she says it.

powermadrecluse said...

It is too late for me to make any good comments. I can't stomach Coulter and have found Larry King to be one of the worst interviewers on television today. (Yes, I know he had a fill in, but chances are they probably found someone just as bad.) Yes, its crap. Instead of hating the players, I am going to just hate the game. Am I arrogant to say, I'll be watching the News Hour instead? Sure. Is there anything wrong with being arrogant with regards to this? Nah. Let's face it, when Americans want to discount anyone they label that person as elitist. Bush labeled Kerry as elitist. Kerry labeled Bush as such. Roosevelt was terribly elite, but he cared for people outside his circle. Gosh, where am I going with this? Oh right, I am elitist. There are you happy? I am going drink my microbrews, listen to classical music, and get my news from Public Television and the BBC, GOD FREAKIN' INTENDED! Coulter, Bahar, Mahr, and whoever else are not worth my precious time, and I consider time at the BMV better spent than listening to people more consumed with their own "righteous indignation" which is exactly why I will not be reading my own comment again.

Also, I closed a freakin' tag Blogger, learn your own freakin' code!

Willie Y said...

I think you are right on about Joy Behar interview with Ann Coulter. But to think that Ann Coulter offers anything of substance is a joke in it self. She has said some of the most hateful things and brushes it off as satire.Like Bombing the New York Times for instance. I bet she thought Hitler was hilarious. My personal take on Ms. Coulter is that she is a very smart person that could not debate issues on a intellectual level. The only way she gets attention, is by saying the most outlandish thing. I have never heard her debate a issue without resorting to things like, calling people fags or wanting to transform every Jew to Christianity or any number crazy thoughts she has in her head . I feel kind of sorry for her, I think she wants to be taken seriously but I think a lot of people think she is just a joke.

Spencer Troxell said...

Oscar, Powermad, and Willie Y: Thanks for reading.

Willie: I absolutely agree that Ann Coulter makes her money by leaning heavily on the shock button. But she definitely offers a gut-check for liberals; especially those liberals that think there is anything 'edgy' about discussing vibrators on Larry King live. Coulter is the Bill Hicks of conservatism.

Willie Y said...

I would have felt better about Ann Coulter if she would take her act to Chuckles first and see how it played out there . I don't know anyone who thinks she is in any way amusing. Except for the fringe right, but they think that America failing is a little funny. I know that I live a sheltered life here on the right coast in liberal country. But I just don't see it. If she could be a little like some of the other conservative comedians like a whats her name or the other top conservative comedian whosits. Wait a minute there are no Conservative comedians. Oh wait ,Dennis Miller, there is one and hes not that funny anymore. Coulter doesn't make you reflect of what she says, it just pisses you off.

Go here for a article on conservative comedian association.

Spencer Troxell said...

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say, but thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion.