Monday, March 16, 2009

Your Monthly Mix-tape

I'm thinking about making this a regular Medicine Cabinet Feature.

When I was a nerdy teenager (as opposed to a nerdy adult), I used to make ‘best of’ lists all the time. Best superheroes, best movies, best bands, best books, whatever; as I got older, this penchant for list making transformed into a thing for making mix-tapes and mix CDs, ala High Fidelity. There’s something wonderful about making someone a CD or cassette compilation that is either geared specifically towards them, or just a collection of good songs you thought they might like. Unfortunately, in the age of the MP3 player, there’s less of an excuse to engage in this kind of bonding activity.

I realize that there are tons of magazines that have ‘hot downloads’ lists, but I ask you to think of my track lists differently. These downloads aren’t ‘hot’. They’re just good songs, and reflective of how I’m feeling at the moment of their construction.

And, of course, I made this list just for you.

1.Evidence (LP Version)

2.Love, Love, Love

3.Country Cooking

4.The Devil In The Kitchen

5.Autumn's Here

6.Akua Ewie (LP Version)

7.Violence (2007 Digital Remaster)

8.I'll Be Glad

9.The Ghost of Henry Thomas Hunt



Willie Y said...

Good music, you must feel jazzy today.

Lodo Grdzak said...

Like that Fathead Newman. Seen him live a bunch of times but don't have any of his records (or perhaps I should say "recordings"). Don't know anything about Andrew Hill, though I've heard of all the supporting members of that band. Dave Douglas...well, you already know that's how you and I met, right?

Spencer Troxell said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

In my humble opinion, 'Point of Departure' is the place to start with Andrew Hill (as funny as that sounds).

And yes, I'm familiar with that little piece of Dave Douglas trivia. He's made my life richer and more interesting in ways too many to count.