Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Receding Hairline Interlude 1


Lodo Grdzak said...

That's a bit of a funky recession there. Never seen such a super-thick, full widows-peak (is that what you call that?). David Letterman's got something like that but I've long suspected his is just a piece. Well Spence, you've seen what I'm sporting (or should I say, what I'm not sporting), so nothing but jealousy on this end.

Willie Y said...

What I was going to say about the picture of your hair line is "look at all the hair this guy has." I use to have really long hair at one time in my life and I still do but it's in a bag in my clothet.

Spencer Troxell said...

Thanks for the pep talk guys. I'll be joining you soon enough.

I actually look forward to saving money on shampoo.