Wednesday, June 2, 2010

American Dissident Cartoon

G. Tod Slone has transformed a comment I made over at The American Dissident into an editorial cartoon.

the cartoon:

Pretty cool.

to see the context in which my original comment was made, click here.

If you're into no-holds-barred-loser-leaves-town-texas-deathmatch-battles over the current state of academia, poetry, censorship, and democracy, drop by the American Dissident some time. If you decide to jump into one of the debates that goes on at the AD blog, be sure to be clear and to the point with your argument. This is a warning born of personal experience.


Adrienne Troxell said...

That's awesome! Thanks to Dr. Seuss, I've been getting into political cartoons lately. I really like this one. Great work!

Spencer Troxell said...

Dr. Seuss is awesome. As I said on your facebook page, I think he should be on the twenty dollar bill.

Besides, Andrew Jackson was an asshole.