Monday, June 28, 2010

Only David Bowie

(and Arcade Fire) can be trusted to get this week started off in the right way.

This is still the best live performance of any song I've ever seen on television. I don't know if Arcade Fire always presents this way, but I like the way they've got all of their bodies clustered towards the front of the stage. Very democratic. I also like the way everyone is singing so desperately and with such commitment, even though not everyone has a microphone in front of them. It's a great song, and it has a great energy. The musical change-up towards the end is priceless.

'You better look out below!'


Willie Y said...

You got me, I just went on Itunes and bought the song.

Spencer Troxell said...


Arcade Fire is a great band. I recommend the CD that has 'Wake Up' on it (Funeral), and their second one (The Neon Bible), which is kind of like a Bruce Springsteen album with a weird goth cloud cast over it.

Arcade Fire is one of the reasons I disagree with Lodo when he opines the lack of good musical acts there are these days.

There's good stuff available if you know where to look.

Lodo Grdzak said...

"Best live performance ever seen on Television?" Damn. Not sure I'd go that far. But I'm not siding against Bowie in print either. And as long as you think so then there's some truth in the statement right there. But for me, I'm gonna say, clip.

Spencer Troxell said...

Good approach, Lodo. Because you know, Bowie will hunt you down.

And of course--however much Anton Lavey might like to believe to the contrary--art is subjective.