Thursday, August 4, 2011

Early Sobriety

"The clearer my thinking became the crazier people appeared. That wasn't what I'd bargained for  when I decided to give up champagne. I figured I would stop drinking and everyone would automatically be great to me. Boy, was I wrong. On top of that, I still wasn't so great to them, either.

I was a sober mess. Instead of waking up the next morning in the same clothes I'd had on the day before, I woke up with no desire to put on any clothes, or get out of bed, see anyone, do anything, or even express myself creatively anymore. I didn't want to talk to anybody or, God forbid, listen to my own rationalizations anymore. I knew I was back from the grave but I had no place to go. Even my own shadow seemed embarrassed to hang around.

Early sobriety is hell. "
 ~Richard Lewis, from The Other Great Depression

If you're interested in recovery literature, honest memoirs, or good stand up comedy , I recommend this book highly. It's currently in the remainder bin at Amazon:


Lodo Grdzak said...

Always liked that guy. But man does he look like holy hell now!

Spencer Troxell said...

Lodo, he could look like the crypt keeper and I'd still think he's beautiful; his book fell into my lap just in time to help save my life.

Lodo Grdzak said...

Damn! Well, now he's got an even bigger fan in me.