Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stay Crazy, Rick Perry

That’s just a sensational title. I don’t really think Rick Perry is crazy. I have a thing for the swaggering cowboy persona, actually; maybe because it’s very much not my style.

Whatever the case, he’s my favorite personality in the republican presidential sweepstakes right now. You can just imagine him challenging Newt Gingrich to a duel. That‘s amusing. Not right for president, but fun to watch.

I’m glad he’s in the race now. Partially for the personality, but also for the fire he clearly has in his belly. He wants to be president, and so far, he’s been something of a firebrand. I don’t want him to win the presidency, but I kind of think it might be good if he won the republican nomination. It would create a stark contrast, both personality and policy wise; Cool, moderate, compromising President Obama versus right-wing, secessionist-baiting Governor Perry. Plus, President Obama basically ran against George Bush last time; running against Rick Perry is as close to running against George Bush as he’s going to get.

I would also hope that going up against someone who breaths fire like Perry does might bring out more of the fighter in our generally sober and reasonable commander-in-chief. A plague of liberalism is the tendency to want to sit back and thoughtfully stroke your beard while the world around you is all dried wood, ready to burn. In a climate like this, nothing is more impressive than a liberal leader willing to take it to the street. Maybe Perry can help us bring the fighter in Obama out.

So, I hope Perry wins the nomination (because I know John Huntsman doesn’t have a chance), and I hope he doesn’t work too hard to moderate his tone (like the president recently suggested he do, and the media has suggested he might need to as well, to widen his appeal).

Diplomacy and even-handed analysis didn’t get you where you are, Governor Perry. Don’t take the bait. Stay crazy*! It’s what your supporters want, and it might be just what my candidate needs to secure another 4 years in office.

*I know you're not really crazy.


Philip said...

I haven't been following the Republican nomination lately. I am all for people who get jazzed about doing good in the world. But too often our definition of doing good means having to steam-roll over all the people who do bad. Obama has been cool and collected even as he has had to deal with Republicans who wish to paint him as a socialist Kenyan and Democrats who bailed on him for the safety of their own bases. I like firebrands, but I don't like them if they put the ideology ahead of the people. Obama isn't a person to lash out in anger. I have a hard time doing that as well, but I think we need someone who is willing to compromise rather than someone who is willing to take no prisoners. At least at this time. As my parents say, there is nothing worse than a stupid angry person.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Good post Spencer. I'm hoping he stays crazy too ;) Although he does scare me a bit more than the others because I think he has a better chance of winning than the other far right candidates. I heard one commentator who thought he was persuaded to join the race by Mitt Romney who thought he would help split the tea party vote between Perry and Bachmann leaving him to win the nomination (in exchange for a possible Vice Presidency or the like). I have no idea if thats true (I don't think it sounds like Perry's style) but it will be interesting to see what happens.

Spencer Troxell said...

Philip: a good warrior is still capable of compromise.

Andrew: That would be a good strategy on Romney's part, but I--like you--don't think Perry is the type of boxer to throw a fight.

Unknown said...

I'm a Texan and an Aggie - I would just as soon not be further embarrassed by his nonsense. . . that said where did you get that picture?

Willie Y said...

Perry scares me. There are way too many people who think that this guy has all the answers. Just look what goes on in his state.

Secession from the union.
Executing retarded people.
Teaching creationism in schools
Changing history in text books.

It's crazyville

the elegant ape said...

I think George the lesser has done to swaggering cowboy boot wearing cheerleaders what the Hindenburg did to Zeppelin travel. With the exception of the propeller hat crowd he is unelectable.
Mitt has the same problem but at the other end. There is no way a Mormon is going to make it through the southern block of snakehandlers who adore Perry (or parry via colbert's super pac) I would love for these two to be the republican front runners. Could be the only way Obama makes it to a second term.

Lodo Grdzak said...

Perry's definitely good for a few laughs--that's for sure. But whoever gets the Repub nod is probably gonna win the whole thing, so I certainly hope he doesn't get the nomination. And he really does stir up the dregs at the bottom of our society; and we know from Giffords in Arizona what happens when you shake the coffee grounds to the top of the cup.