Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Perfect Day

I was thinking, 'what would a perfect day look like for me'? Of course, perfect days can totally catch you by surprise. The best days are usually not planned, but occur naturally; a weird and random confluence of pleasant and surprising events. That being said, I am a nerd--and a blogger (double nerd!)--so I thought I'd try to map out how a perfect day might look.

Wake up around 9 am after a night of interesting dreams and solid sleep. Take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed. Everyone else is still in bed. Start the coffee, make some biscuits and gravy and fruit salad for breakfast. Eat breakfast with the family, and do the dishes. Sit down on the front deck with Abby while the kids entertain themselves. Alternate between talking to her and reading a book. The temperature should be about 60 degrees, and it should be Fall. Take the boys to the gym to play racquetball, then go for a hike with the family through the woods. This should culminate in ice cream somewhere. After that, write a blog post, and then have lunch with a smart person with a good sense of humor. I'm thinking a bowl of chili and a grilled cheese sandwich. Come home. Spontaneous sex with my wife. Lounge around with the family for awhile. lay in a hammock in the backyard and read some more. Maybe take a nap. There should be some kind of soundtrack throughout the day. Whatever music the day demands. Split some wood for a bonfire later in the evening.  Play a game of chess with Abby or one of the boys. Carry the baby around for awhile. Watch a movie or part of a television series I'm following. Take the family out for sushi, and then come back and start the fire. Sit around it, talk, and drink some hot chocolate. Lay in a hot bath and read. Read the kids a bed time story. I certainly wouldn't be offended by some more sex and a bedtime conversation about random things. Close with some more interesting dreams and a solid sleep.

That would be a solid day.

What would your perfect day look like?


Lodo Grdzak said...

Well, sure ain't today! But I'm gonna work on it.

the elegant ape said...

twenty three years ago sitting in the bangkok hilton waitng for the sweet brown thing to make out of the shower while eating a fresh mango arranged in a flower pattern bursting with the hubris and ignorance of youth........