Thursday, February 6, 2014


Abandon me to the dirt
To the sweat to the
Aching calves straining
Biceps and pectorals
To the hamstring to the
Cough abandon me
To the worms fucking
In my yard to the birds
Singing in my tree
To the cherries on my salad
To the mighty fork
To the blue cheese
Abandon me to the heart
That never knows what it wants
To the god that refuses
To exist to the dogs asleep
On my lap
To the brutal snow to the burying rain
To the children digging
In the earth
The same earth that pulls me in
The same earth I am destined to be
Swallowed by and made into
Something new my carbon
Eaten away rearranged sold off
To the highest bidder
There are no false notes
In heaven.

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