Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Show Biz

Life is a series
Of rehearsals for death;
Try out long enough
And eventually
You'll get the part.

It starts off as a cavity--
A little black spot in your eye--
And ends up a cancer;
Yawning, gaping, hungry
In the center of your chest.

Love between try outs
If you can;
Drive your car
Down country roads
In the Fall;
Dare god
To take you with
A magnificent lightening bolt
Over cigarettes,
And dance like you know
What you're doing
When no one is looking--

Because no one is looking.
Not ever.
This life is a one man show
And you
Have got
The part.

1 comment:

Genell said...

Listen, we do not need you to give us a hint as to how we should view your poem. Like the song say "Let It Be".

Oh, I did like it.