Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Medicine Cabinet Recommends

1. For anyone interested at all in addiction studies, stand-up comedy, or honest memoirs, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Richard Lewis's The Other Great Depression.

2. I certainly hope the president caught the essay section of Bill Moyers Journal last Friday.

3. On a related note, check out this video of Al Franken demonstrating his conflict resolution skills in a moment that could've easily become tense:

4. Roger Ebert wrote a wonderful essay a couple of weeks ago about his experience with alcohol addiction. Recommended.

5. Have you seen the film Happy-Go-Lucky? It came out last year and my wife and I just got around to it. It's basically a character study of a fundamentally decent & upbeat woman named Poppy. We drop into the film as she's riding a bike, and leave as she's sitting in a boat. What happens in between is more or less day-to-day kind of stuff, but the key to the film is getting to know the characters, which we do. I liked it. Great script, great acting, big humanity.

6. "Giant Rat Found In 'Lost Volcano'": The headline says it all. A team of BBC filmmakers discovered the thing--reported to be the largest rat on earth--while filming for the show Lost Land Of The Volcano. Nifty.

7. I've been listening to all of my old Elvis Costello CD's lately. It's been a weird hankering. Maybe I'm pregnant. I recommend picking one up (a Costello CD, not a surprise pregnancy). I recommend 'King Of America', but any would probably do.

8. Willie's Reminiscence of his favorite teenage make-our record over at Willie's World struck a sentimental chord in me this morning. The comment I left on his post:

"Good post, Willie. Ah, making out for hours to music. It was such a fun way to pass the time back in the day, but would that ever happen today? No, and [I] think it's a testament to our young innocence that it ever did.

The first concert my wife and I ever went to together was a Men At Work 80's flashback concert, and we made out through the whole thing, which was around two hours long. We even garnered a few jaded comments from some of our older fellow concert goers, but we didn't care. making out was fun, and besides, if we stopped making out, I would've had to think up something clever and impressive to talk about, and I knew that was off the table. I was too ga-ga in love, and witty banter requires a cool head."

9. Gravity: Only A Theory.

10.Okay, in honor of Labor Day, please enjoy this video of the hardest working man in show business, as he earns one of the many paychecks he accumulated throughout his life:

Happy Holiday to all of my fellow working stiffs!

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Lodo Grdzak said...

Giant Rats is a headline that'll always generate a hit few hits from my end. Thanks for the heads up on that clip.

And James? Hell, we all know that's the real Greatest Entertainer Of All Time.