Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nothing Revolts, part 7

Astronomers all over the world were having a hard time describing what they were seeing when they looked into their telescopes. It was nothing. But that’s not entirely accurate. It wasn’t as if everything had been wiped out of space so much as space itself had been wiped out. There was nothing. Not even an abyss. It couldn’t be compared to anything at all.

-what is it?
-it’s nothing.
-what, it’s all gone?
-No. It’s not even that.
-Move over, let me see…oh…
-Nothing. Mary, come over here and look in the telescope.
-Did you find something?
-I did. Well, Andrew did. Look.
-What is it?
-It’s nothing.
-What, like in The Never Ending Story?
-No. Just look…
-That’s what I said.
-Yeah, that’s what he said…

The nothingness was advancing at all points. It met up with itself where small galaxies once were. It touched points all around. It was so much bigger now. Only one (relatively) spot to fill and all would be as it had been.

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